The label K E S K U S T A was created by master weavers Sytze Roos and Silja Eggenschwiler. In their work, Roos & Eggenschwiler attempt to unravel the secret of weaving: How can we produce a fabric which is machine-woven, yet lively? How can you make industrial production methods go hand in hand with artisanal quality, as well as create a unique product? How do you ensure artisanal quality in both material and design, also for a product of limited yardage? Using a digital loom enables a materials designer to think differently – during the design phase as well as the production phase.

K E S K U S T A has turned this new digital technology – used in mass manufacturing to speed up production – to their advantage for complex weaving techniques in extremely limited yardage.

Unique textiles
Previously, K E S K U S T A would develop one-off pieces together with the Finnish Textiles University and a number of Swedish weaving mills. Nowadays, we do this in-house using a digital Swiss machine, optimizing the fabrics in consultation with the mill. Each design is produced singly, in yardages of sometimes just 2.5 metres. The fabric is a doubleweave, with an additional decorative layer which may be used independently and in different ways for each design – also allowing different materials to be woven into the fabric. This third layer gives the fabric a life of its own and renders it unique. All textiles are woven by Sytze Roos and Silja Eggenschwiler personally. We can interrupt the weaving cycle at any given point to integrate newly arisen ideas, resulting in an organic design.

K E S K U S T A Collection K E S K U S T A has got its own collection of fashion and interior design products, for which we use new fabrics, colours and designs each year. Our collections are offered for sale at exhibtions and fairs. Out of the direct buyer-contact spring new ideas for ensuing productions. This way, K E S K U S T A is constantly optimizing its designs, arriving ever closer at the essence of weaving.
The photographs show woven products by Roos & Eggenschwiler.